How to Evaluate Ideas

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
By Suki

I’m fortunate to work with people who are both smart and creative in many different spheres.  Sometimes that can lead to a lot of pulling in different directions though and projects flounder as we try to figure out which idea or suggestion is better.

I came across an article from Fast Company yesterday called Unconventional Cures for Meeting-itis. While we already implement many of the ideas (with some success) it was a comment from David Molden of Quadrant 1 that struck a chord in me.

I attended my first NLP workshop when I was in high school but don’t remember coming across this one that he states every NLP practitioner learns.

I’ve included the list here:

Guidelines to Evaluating New Ideas and Suggestions

  1. Outcome (does this relate to our outcomes stated at the beginning?)
  2. Backtrack (what was previously said about this?)
  3. Relevance (is this pertinent?)
  4. Evidence (what data/facts back up your claim?)
  5. Comparison (how does this compare with (x)?)
  6. What if? (let’s just imagine if we could)
  7. Discovery (maybe we need some creative input here)
  8. Ecology (how might this decision affect the wider system?)


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