How to Embed TED talks in your wordpress blog

Sunday, February 21, 2010
By Suki

I struggled with this before so I’m sharing this just in case anyone else has had the same issue. The nice folks at Wordpress have actually now made it super simple to embed TED talks in your Wordpress blog. But it depends on what type of blog you have so read carefully.

For Wordpress hosted blogs – that means, if you have a blog that’s hosted on and has an address that looks something like this: here’s what you need to do:

1. Find the TED talk you want to embed

2. Click on the red SHARE button

3. Copy on the copy button next to where it says “”

[ted id=319]

4. Paste it in your post or page.

5. The video will show up when you view it in a browser.

If you host your own blog using wordpress, then you just need follow steps 1 & 2 and then click on the copy button next to “embed this video”,  and paste the piece of code you get into your post. Remember to click on the HTML tab (top right corner of where you type up your blog post) before you do that.

Hope this helps! If not, let me know :)

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One Response to “How to Embed TED talks in your wordpress blog”

  1. Thanks for that.
    I am just migrating from a wordpress hosted to my own and the ted links i had went blank..

    Thanks for the clear explanation of what was the issue.


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