Dust or Magic 2010 – Tweets and Talks

Sunday, November 14, 2010
By Suki

This is the first year I missed the annual Dust or Magic conference and I’m very sorry I did. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube though, I’ve been able to catch up with what’s hot and what’s not in the world of children and technology.

Dust or Magic, for those of you who are going “Dust or what?”, is akin to a mini TED conference that gathers some of the brightest minds in children’s media design for 3 days of fun and games – literally.

Here’s a four places to get more info:

  1. Twitter hashtag: #dustormagic
  2. Conference site: Dust or Magic 2010
  3. Facebook group: Dust or Magic on Facebook
  4. YouTube – Scott Traylor of 360Kid has done the tedious job of editing and uploading several of the talks. Thanks, Scott!

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