$50 Interactive Whiteboard

Saturday, February 20, 2010
By Suki

While browsing some TED talks today I came across one given by Johnny Lee – the guy who figured out how to take a Wii remote and use it to create an interactive whiteboard. You can read how to do it on his blog and watch more videos on YouTube here. What caught me though was what Johnny said at the beginning of his 5-minute speech, after which he got a standing ovation.

“As researchers something we often do is use immense resources to achieve certain capabilities or achieve certain goals. And this is essential to the exploration of science and what is possible but it creates this unfortunate situation where only a tiny tiny fraction of the world can participate in that exploration and benefit from that technology. And something that motivates me and gets me really excited about my research is when I see simple opportunities to drastically change that distribution and make the technology accessible to a much wider percentage of the population.”

Johnny Lee so elegantly describes why I, having grown up in Sri Lanka, get ridiculously excited when I find a new tool that I think many people I know can benefit from. So here’s to Johnny and others like him who are making technology accessible¬† and changing the distribution.

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