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TEDxNYED – My 2 Cents

By Suki

Streamed live today from NYC, TEDxNYED was an independently organized TED event on Education. For those of you who were not following the discussion, this conferenceĀ  looked at “how the role of new media and technology is shaping the future of education.” There were inspiring examples of what’s right, and passionate “lectures” on... »

Chris Abani

By Suki

“What I’ve come to learn, is that the world is never saved in grand mezonic gesturesĀ  but in the accumulation of gentle soft almost invisible every day acts of compassion” – Chris Abani Whenever I feel in deep despair about the state of the world, particularly by some of the things that occurred in Sri... »

How to Embed TED talks in your wordpress blog

By Suki

I struggled with this before so I’m sharing this just in case anyone else has had the same issue. The nice folks at Wordpress have actually now made it super simple to embed TED talks in your Wordpress blog. But it depends on what type of blog you have so read carefully. For Wordpress hosted... »