12 Squares

Monday, March 8, 2010
By Suki

12 squares and 2 years later, it’s finally done! The colors don’t blend perfectly, the brushstrokes are childish and there are lots of little ‘mistakes’ that you’ll see if you look closely but it’s over and I’m happy. This started off as a collaborative project after an oil painting course that my husband and I decided to take to ‘get away from our computers.’ Sometimes zen-like, sometimes tedious, it forced a certain patience and discipline out of me that I was lacking. Each patterned square was ’supposed’ to represent something from our cultural backgrounds. Other than that, there is no deep meaning behind it, no exploration of angst. I just look at it now and it makes me happy. I think I might even make a wallpaper out of it.

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One Response to “12 Squares”

  1. I loves it! Particularly, the collaborative part…. did said and you stay with the project to the end or was it left to you in the end….



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